Dealing With Unhappy Customers | Bill Gates Advice


Every business has lots of unhappy customers. Some companies deal with those customers cleverly and make them happy. But some are not.

Especially new startups fail to deal with their unhappy customers and be frustrated. They are unable to create a win-win situation.

Bill Gates about unhappy customers

Bill Gates gave a solid formula for those new startups who cannot handle unhappy customers.

He says-

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates about unhappy customers

Why angry customers are source of learning?

Your unhappy customers help you to identify your weaknesses.

By searching loopholes in your products and services, they help you to make your brand strong.

They are not your unhappy customers, they're your employees.

Their work is to identify the negative prospect of your products and services.

They try to prevent getting more unhappy customers in the future.